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Golf001D   ACE: The HPP Golf Mastery Program (Digital Download)
1-929043-08-2D   Changing Emotions: A Stress Management Program (Digital Download)
1-929043-19-8D   Creating a Presence: Power Communication (Digital Download)
sp_001D   Excellence and Beyond SuperPack (Digital Download)
sp_002D   Executive Essentials SuperPack (Digital Download)
1-929043-11-2D   Feeling Better: Mind/Body Connections (Digital Download)
sp_005D   Health & Fitness SuperPack (Digital Download)
1-929043-17-1D   Hidden Wisdom- Breaking Through Creative Blocks (Digital Download)
sp_006D   HPP Mini Sampler (Digital Download)
1-929043-14-7D   Inside/Outside: Motivational Weight Loss Program (Digital Download)
1-929043-10-4D   Meditative Relaxation (Digital Download)
1-929043-16-3D   Money, Wealth & Prosperity (Digital Download)
1-929043-06-6D   Peak Experience: Harness the Energy of the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection (Digital Download)
1-929043-13-9D   Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program (Digital Download)
1-929043-05-8D   Personal Power (Digital Download)
sp_008D   Power and Persuasion SuperPack (Digital Download)
1-929043-09-0D   Procrastination- A Rhythmic Approach (Digital Download)
1-929043-12-0D   Quest For Excellence: Maximizing Performance For Business, Sports and the Arts (Digital Download)
1-929043-30-9D   Rekindling the Flame (Digital Download)
sp_004D   Relationships SuperPack (Digital Download)
1-929043-23-6D   Resilience: The Power to Bounce Back (Digital Download)
1-929043-23-6DF   Resilience: The Power to Bounce Back SPECIAL PROMOTION (Digital Download)
1-929043-20-1D   Sales Mastery (Digital Download)
1-929043-07-4D   Soul Mates: Improve Your Life Together (Digital Download)
sp_003D   Stress Management SuperPack (Digital Download)
sp_007D   The HPP Series (Digital Download)
1-929043-15-5D   Tick-Tock: Creative Time Management (Digital Download)

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