I just downloaded a bunch of HPP mp3 files, some old ones and some new ones.  I just listened to the resiliency on mp3 and the listening quality is even better.

I have set up a special room with a Symmetron vibroacoustic motion bed chair with a receiver and iPod (google dan staso symmetron).   The chair naturally drops brain activity into alpha/theta, so it potentiates hypnosis.  The one person so far who listened to resilience #1 swore the 30 minutes was only 5 minutes long.  I think I need to become an affiliate so clients can easily purchase the files for daily home use.

I wanted to personally thank you for the work you have done in promoting Ericksonian hypnosis.  I have found your work immensely valuable for my clients.  After buying and using many hypnosis tapes for over 20 years, I have yet to find anything superior to the HPP series.  They quickly and reliably put people into a trance without them ever knowing it.  I have seen profound changes in clients who follow the recommended protocol.

Dan Staso, PhD, Licensed Psychologist PSY 7309 
Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCIA)
Member, Association for Applied
Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

Greetings Dr. Glauberman,

I just got off the phone with you after ordering 10 CDs for my business.

I began using the Money, Wealth & Prosperity HPP CD set about 3 months ago. Within one month my business doubled and in the second month it tripled. I used the CDs when I was settled in bed and programmed my portable CD player to play one track at a time. With the headphones on I would drift off within minutes and most often would fall asleep. I would wake up at the end of the track and take off the headphones and fall back to sleep.

I wake up with enthusiasm for what I need to do to succeed at my business and naturally do the highest priority things on my list without effort or resistance. Three new ideas to make money occurred to me and I was able to immediately implement them. I seem more charismatic and also more magnetic to clients and customers and get more return business.
Thank you, Dr. Glauberman!
Camille Gilbert
Santa Barbara Quantum Health

Often, personal development programs require tremendous effort on your part.  It�s rare to come across one that works with such little effort like the HPP programs do.  After 15 years of in depth research into the human body and mind, I have to say the Dr. Lloyd Glauberman�s program is one of the best I�ve come across.  Anyone using these audio�s can expect to experience improvements in all areas of their life with no extra effort on their part.  I highly recommend using these programs to accelerate your success in every area of your life.
Christopher Guerriero
Founder & CEO
National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center

My First experience with Dr. Glauberman was with his HPP self-improvement programs. The products were so incredible that I had gained benefits financially, emotionally and in physical skills. The results were so amazing to me that I looked up his address and began personal coaching sessions with him. The results have outperformed my expectations as I broke through many mental barriers and attained many goals I was unable to attain for years. Thanks to Dr. Glauberman I live a much more fulfilled and happy life.
Ivan Pellei
Kickboxing and Beyond

If you are looking for a personal development audio series that will help you to make effortless changes in your life, then the HPP programs are for you. These programs are both delightful to listen to and very effective.  What more can you ask for?
Dr. Philip Brotman, Ph.D.
Biofeedback Technology Group

I consider myself able to evaluate motivational tape series with over 45 full-length 6 cassette audio programs in my library accumulated over the last 12 years.  Dominated by Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn and the other top speakers, virtually all areas of self-development are covered. For the last few years, however, one speaker has dominated my listening time - Dr. Lloyd Glauberman and his hypnosis programs.
They are quite unique.  Whatever the topic is that you've listened to, your inner voice gently encourages you to "Eat less and exercise more,"  "Be financially responsible," "Stop procrastinating,"

Have a great performance," etc.  You then take the action and congratulate yourself on being so smart and skillful in your ability to change your behavior all by yourself.

Finally,  I often go to sleep while listening to HPP tapes. The slow beat orchestral music in the background is a great sleep aid.

Michael Sancho
Atlanta, GA

Mainstream Press Validates HPP Process. Why is HPP so effective?

We are in the midst of a revolution in the way we think about ourselves. As humans we are very impressed with our ability to reason and view this skill as the determining factor in our decision making process.

It appears, however, that this belief - that we control our thoughts and our thoughts control our behavior - is simply wrong.

Research now supports the notion that it is the unconscious mind that controls most of our behavior. And since everything that happens unconsciously is, by definition, outside the boundaries of awareness, it begs the questions: What is actually happening down there?

Well, as it turns out, there�s a whole lot!!

There�s an ever growing body of neuropsychological research to suggest that most of what we do every minute of every day is unconscious. Issues such as how we make snap decisions, why we are uncomfortable in a situation without any obvious cause, what motivates us and a host of other aspects of our lives are all controlled by unconscious processes.

Main stream media is now paying more and more attention to this fascinating area of human behavior primarily because it�s not just speculation or inference anymore, it�s supported by hard neuroscience. U.S. New & World Report dedicated its February 28th cover story to the topic.

(Click Here to read the USNWR article)

What was most interesting in the U.S. News & World Report article was the research suggesting that the brain is wired to perceive metaphors. Concepts such as energy, control and connection are organic (my word) and resonate deeply inside of all of us. Within this same unconscious framework, we are also drawn to heroic myths as well as concepts such as journey and transformation.

For those of you who are HPP listeners, you are aware that our audio process is built on a mytho-metaphoric framework and structured to tap into these very unconscious processes that are responsible for our behavior.

We at Psycho-technology are delighted to see the work we have been doing now having a growing body of research that supports the efficacy of the technology that we have developed and refined over the past fifteen years.HPP products are built on decades of knowledge, combining elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Users report that HPP CDs are more effective than traditional self-help products, producing results after just a few sessions. This happens for 4 reasons:

1) Dual Induction Sensory Overload

Using a process that is exclusive to HPP, each 30-minute program has two parable-like stories that play simultaneously, one in each ear. Therapeutic metaphors are one of the most powerful learning devices and are the basis for HPP's effectiveness.

Initially, you will try to listen to both stories simultaneously or try to focus on one story entirely. But, after a few minutes you will find yourself drifting off and not focusing on either story. This is known as dual induction, and it shuts down the logical part of the mind-the "chatter box" that accompanies our waking state.

The result of this gentle overload is a deep state of relaxation-ideal for the absorption of the positive suggestions conveyed in each program.

2) Deep Relaxation Techniques

Wearing headphones, you hear calm voices against a background of music, gently guiding you very quickly into a relaxed state.

This deeply relaxed state allows you to become more receptive to the positive messages contained in the audio program.

3. Powerful and Positive Messages

At strategic points on each CD, the stories interface to give your subconscious a clear powerful, positive message.

Using techniques gleaned from Eriksonian hypnotherapy, the power of storytelling metaphors creates change at the unconscious level. The unconscious mind is constantly influencing conscious thought and action - The overlapping stories and metaphors cause both brain hemispheres to work together, creating positive resolutions to whatever goal you are working on

4. Easy and Effortless Results

HPP has very few material or time requirements. All you need is a CD player, headphones and 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. The audio program and your unconscious does the rest.

After just a few sessions, you may begin to notice a positive, cumulative effect on your overall emotional state. Suddenly, you are calmer. You have better self-control. Positive changes have begun to occur without conscious thought.

This is the beauty of HPP: easy results, which are faster, less expensive, and more effective than traditional self-help products.