Resilience: The Power to Bounce Back
How do you get your body, mind and spirit to bounce back? How do you set the right pace so that you don't get burned out in the first place? Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Give yourself the tools and techniques to make it to the finish line every day with Resilience.
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"Dr. Glauberman's technique is
right on time."
-The New York Times

"If you are looking for a personal development audio series that will help you to make effortless changes in your life, then the HPP programs are for you."
-Dr. Philip Brotman, Ph.D.
Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ™) audio products
Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) is a series of downloadable audio programs that guide users into the twilight state between waking and sleeping. HPP uses specially recorded voices to weave an experience that gently overloads your conscious mind and guides you into a relaxed state to receive positive suggestions for changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The New York Times hailed Dr. Glauberman's technique as "right on time." Part art and part science, HPP is your answer to a world overloaded with stress -your chance to achieve a peaceful state in minutes and retain the benefits for years.

With over 15 unique programs targeted at multiple paths to self-improvement, you can join the 100,000+ people who use HPP to improve their lives. We invite you to change yourself through the trance-formational power of HPP.

ACE: The HPP Golf Mastery Program (Digital Download) Rekindling the Flame (Digital Download) Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program (Digital Download) Money, Wealth & Prosperity (Digital Download)
Fine tune your Mental Game!

Playing your best golf means approaching your game with the right Attitude, having Confidence in your ability and then Executing consistently. When everything is in sync (ACE), the process unfolds automatically--what athletes call being in the zone.
Remove unconscious barriers to sexual performance and have the relationship of your life with Rekindling The Flame.

A great deal of information exists as to how to improve relationships. Unfortunately, insight and understanding do not necessarily translate into change. Rekindling The Flame, however, focuses on unconscious patterns of intimate communication that results in spontaneous improvement on all levels of your relationship, from everyday communication to sexual passion.
If you don't have confidence in yourself, how can you expect other people to?

Having a positive self-attitude affects everything we do and impacts all the people around us - from friends to co-workers.
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Whatever your goals for financial success are, this program will give you new thoughts, beliefs and feelings that will empower you to achieve your dreams.

Wealth is created first and foremost in our minds - through goals, beliefs, and a  strong sense of self  worth. It sounds simple, but many people never learn the basic tools of visualizing success, believing they deserve it and working towards this goal with the belief they will succeed.